What is a Unimog?

Unimog stands for “Universal-Motorgerät” which roughly translated means “universal motorized implement machine”.

Unimogs are multipurpose, all-terrain, utility vehicles built by Mercedes-Benz. In addition to extreme off-road capabilities, they are designed to be operated in some of the harshest conditions in the world. Unimogs are widely recognized as the most capable off-road vehicles in the world. There are many types and models of Unimog and the term is similar to "Jeep" in that in refers to many different models within a brand name.

Is the UnimogCenter affiliated with Mercedes-Benz or Daimler?

No. "Unimog" and "Mercedes-Benz" are registered trademarks of Daimler AG. The Unimog Center and UnimogCenter.com are not affiliated with Daimler AG or Mercedes-Benz

How much does a Unimog cost?

Prices vary dramatically based on vehicle condition and model type. For example, a tired 404.1 might go for $8,000 dollars while a low mileage, double cab 435 could be a bargain at $75,000. As a result, price really depends on each individual vehicle. Generally speaking, Unimogs are an excellent value and compared to other off-road vehicles or tractors, they provide a lot of "bang for the buck." However, like all vehicles of a high caliber, they are not cheap.

Why are some Unimogs so much more expensive than others?

Again there is a big difference between various models. A 435 is not just a big 404 with a diesel. They are fundamentally different vehicles. As a result there is a big price difference. Also some Unimogs have implements or options that make them more expensive. Double cab, four doors (aka DoKa) are significantly more than standard two door models. For example, a cascade gearbox, dump bed, PTO's and other implements can double the price of a 406, 416 or 435. If it is a DoKa add even more to the value. Often private sellers (and some unscrupulous dealers) over value Unimogs because of their awesome capabilities which explains why some are priced so far out of the normal range. However, generally speaking, newer, more modern Unimogs, cost significantly more than older ones.

Are Unimogs street legal?

It depends. Generally Unimogs that are 25 years old or older are exempt from DOT and EPA regulations, and are therefore street legal. Newer Unimogs may or may not be street legal and one should beware of purchasing Unimogs built less than 25 years ago if you intend to drive them on public roads. Although Unimogs were designed for road use, they are are first and foremost tractors. As a result if a Unimog is registered and/or imported solely as a tractor it may not be street legal. All vehicles we sell have all CBP, EPA and DOT paperwork honestly and completely filled out and are street legal. If you live in California, you should research your options since California has regulations above and beyond the EPA and DOT. 

What is the top speed of a Unimog?

It depends on the model, but in stock form top speed is between 45 and 55 mph. For the 404, top speed is limited by power while other Unimogs are limited by gearing. Most Unimogs can easily be modified to have a top speed of 60+ mph and the 435 can be modified to top speeds of 70+ mph. However, remember Unimogs are designed primarily as a tractor and for practical purposes, 65 mph is the fastest reasonable top cruising speed for most Unimogs, regardless of engine and drivetrain upgrades. Faster than that brakes, tire ratings, etc all start to reach their limits  As a result top speed is realistically around 65 although faster speeds are possible.

How hard is it to get parts for a Unimog?

Mercedes-Benz has an excellent reputation for supporting their products and supply replacements parts long after models have been discontinued. Virtually all parts are available for Unimogs, even 1960’s Unimogs. However, since Unimogs were never sold in the USA through Mercedes-Benz dealerships, few dealers are familiar with Unimogs. Furthermore, few U.S. Mercedes-Benz dealers stock Unimog parts although they can order most of them. The best source for parts in the USA is through various independent parts suppliers who can supply virtually any part and usually at very competitive prices. Also, it is surprising how many parts are right down the road at NAPA or your local parts supplier. Outside of North America, parts are much easier to get. Also, the UnimogCenter can source any part for our customers and get the parts delivered anywhere in the world.

Can I find mechanics to work on a Unimog?

Unimogs are very straightforward. Any properly equipped shop with a competent mechanic should have no problem working on a Unimog. It is a good idea to have a parts manual and workshop manual for more involved jobs but other than that, Unimogs are no harder to work on than other vehicles in their size category. You may have to go to a truck stop to find a good diesel mechanic and to get work done on the 435 but these big rig shops should have no problems otherwise.

Due to their unique design, Unimogs have features not usually found on other vehicles, such as torque tubes, reduction hubs, and planetary gearboxes. However, all of these features are actually pretty simple. For example, most Unimogs have more gears than the average 4x4 but the gearbox or is no harder to work on than any other gearbox. Furthermore older Unimogs don't have complicated electronics, wiring harnesses, and sensors that cause such nightmares in modern vehicles.